As I have matured, my idea of fashion and how much I can obtain has definitely developed alongside this. Long gone with the idea of buying as much as I can for cheaper prices, and moving on to purchasing staple items that will grow with me and age with my wardrobe.

I have grown to love quality over quantity and finally have reached the stage where I want to purchase items that will last a lifetime with me.

Would you by a cheap computer, that you know would only last a few runs and then sooner rather than later break down on you?

So why do we buy cheap clothes, understandably it doesn’t  leave such an imprint on our purses, but knowingly we buy it when its not going to last in prime condition longer than a few wears.

We look for bargains,  but in-fact its not a great deal after all, as eventually you will have to buy it again after a few wears. Meaning you would end up spending the same or more as you would buying an investment piece.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m in no way suggesting buy everything designer at all. But I do think there is definitely a ‘trick in the trade’ with buying slightly higher end high street pieces.

This brings me to my most recent bag purchase, at  a decent price for its quality at £89.99 is the infamous real leather ‘blogger’ bag from zara.

Yes i am in love, and for all the right reasons.


ZARA crossbody bag with embossed chain

FullSizeRender-11.jpgFullSizeRender-9Pictures taken whilst visiting the Penha mountain  in Guimaraes, Portugal.


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