Red Envy

Makeup is like anything else, you get set in its ways and you get used to what suits you and what YOU feel comfortable wearing.

But sometimes the same thing everyday can get tedious and boring. As humans we live and breath off  the idea of routine.

Applying my ‘face’ before I go out is satisfying and to me almost ritualistic.

We’re so set in our ways, trying something new can seem daunting and out of the question, for me stepping away from my makeup comfort zone is  something I am trying to encourage myself to do.

Makeup is not only a way of feeling better about yourself, but its a form of expression, art even! You can leave the house with natural makeup, symbolizing your feeling free and grounded, a winged-liner to feel elegant and channel your inner Audrey Hepburn! Or in my case a bold lip to instill the idea of red-envy. I feel a woman can wear nothing sexier than a red lip. It is a statement, a way of saying I am here and I am FIERCE.

So my message is empower yourself with a bold lip every season, be striking and show the world that I AM POWERFUL and always my own kind of beautiful!

(Wearing:  Rouge Edition Velvet- by Bourjois)


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