Get to know me…

cropped-img_0811.jpgHaving a blog is personal, people from all around are giving me time out of their busy days to read what I have to say.

Watching my stats growing and seeing that people from all over the world are reading what i have written is a little crazy!

Going out of your time to be passionate alike me and to process and appreciate the views I have shared is flattering and really motivational!

As I am new to all of this, I am still well a little rusty as to what to say, but making sure I am real to myself and others and trying to be authentic all at the same time is key to me.

Of course my privacy like anyones is important, but still I feel it is only right to share a little bit of me with whoever takes the time to read.

I thought i would share 5 facts about myself…

  1. I am currently training to be a dancer
  2. I am nearly 19
  3. I am a sister
  5. Blogging is a huge passion of mine

Fair enough, these facts are far from mind-blowing and don’t exactly present me as the most adventurous or edgy person. But like anything it is a start!

Where’s the fun in giving it all away!?

Let me know an interesting fact about yourself! I’d love to know!

And like always,



One thought on “Get to know me…

  1. rosietagholm says:

    You are literally the most inspiring person and that is my fact! You have this love and warmth for the world which is just so beautiful to read and admire! And another fact is that you are my bestie and are destined for greatness because great people deserve get things in life! You inspire me in ways that I can’t explain. Words can’t quite describe what its like to miss someone when they are distant from your life for a period of time. But not being able to see you is like finding a beautiful butterfly and visiting it every day and then coming back one day and it being gone. You are my butterfly full of so many colours and patterns and love. I am so proud beyond belief of all you have accomplished this year. To see someone you care about develop and turn into this really amazing, inspiring woman is just incredible. Love you more than words xxx


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